What’s your agenda?

We all have an agenda in life. Your agenda is that core ideology or belief you hold that drives you in your decision making and your actions. Your agenda is the thing, or things, that motivate you. Agendas are personal so there isn’t anything inherently wrong with them, it’s the actions you take because of them where you can cross a line.

I used to think my agenda was love, and while love is part of it, it’s not the complete agenda. If I want to appear altruistic, then saying my agenda is something like, “To show everybody unconditional love”, is perfect. It’s not a lie, I do want to show everybody unconditional love and yet, if I’m willing to be honest that desire is not my core agenda. It’s a factor in what moves my agenda. My core agenda is to bring equity to marginalized or oppressed people groups.

That’s not a bad agenda, right? I mean, it sounds very “power to the people” to want equity for the marginalized. Here’s the challenge in self-discovery and being truly honest with and about ourselves: we have to be willing to be as granular as possible and that means calling BS on ourselves. So I call BS on that agenda because it’s not quite true.

Yes, in my core I want to live in a world where truly all people are treated equitably and lovingly. I want all people to thrive. I want love to be the prevailing wind of change, and stability. If I take all of that and really allow myself to be open to that thing that drives me, that internal agenda, I have to get more granular. Allow me to take another shot at my life’s agenda. My core agenda is to bring equity to the LGBTQIAP, female, and people of color people groups. Ahhhh, that’s more real.

While I want equity for all, I’m more willing to stand up and ruffle feathers for these three people groups than I am any other groups. Showing these people unconditional love, understanding their stories and adversities, and trying to figure out how to raise their voices is my core agenda. I believe my agenda is wrapped up in my purpose for being here so, for me, I believe my agenda is why God created me. I also believe I have to be very careful in how I walk out that purpose and push that agenda because what I don’t want to do is harm other people in my pursuit. Lately, I’m finding that my ego gets a little more bruised, and my anger a little more aroused, with those in the other side. In that space I’m more apt to say something harmful or stop trying to understand and I don’t want to live in that space.

Only by knowing our personal agenda well can we navigate how to actually bring feet to the vision. I’m finding my place as an accomplice in my focused people groups and as I do, I walk a thin line between decrying oppression and letting my ego take over and causing harm. For me, allowing all to have a voice is important and it means that if I want someone to listen to me, I have to be willing to listen to them. If I want to be understood, I have to be willing to understand. I haven’t been doing the best at that lately and, it’s never to late to start. My life’s motto is, “Love all. Judge none.” and I desperately want to live that out well.

I hope you take the time to really discern your personal agenda. I also hope you allow yourself to be open to those who oppose your agenda. We all have to coexist here and it is our collective responsibility to build community. Community doesn’t have to mean everyone is the same, I think that would be boring. Community means working together for the greater good.