Just a Kid from Akron – Turning 50 and Relaunching

For those of you who have followed me here for a while, welcome to a relaunch of my blog. For those of you who are new, a warm welcome.

I turned 50 years old a few months ago and felt like life turned a pretty sharp corner and I wanted to use this blog a little differently. I will always talk about God here because, well, I love God and all that I encounter as I follow Jesus. And, I want to talk about more than just my spiritual side, I want to talk about all my sides. After 50 years, I’ve got a lot of experiences and sides to who I am and my hope is that you’ll find someone here you can connect with and feel fully accepted, loved and less alone in this big ‘ole world.

I chose the title “Just a Kid from Akron” because that’s exactly what I am…a Kid from Akron. I was born in Akron, Ohio in the summer of 1969, a fantastic summer if you ask me! Actually, 1969 was a pretty fantastic year in general from a historical perspective. I share a birthday with Sesame Street so come on, what could be better than that?? I suppose Apollo 11 landing on the moon, Led Zeppelin releasing their first album, and Woodstock were important too.

I’m not 100% certain what you’ll find here other than this: someone who has experienced deep trauma and has found healing and joy; someone who loves people deeply, especially the marginalized and the misfits; someone who wants to build a community. I don’t have time or interest in arguing with people so everything here is either my opinion or my interpretation. I will never push those things on anyone, I just simply share them because they are part of my story and I love story.

Here are a few basic things to know about me:

* I’m an LBGTQIA ally,

* I have several chosen family members, and some DNA family members, who are drag queens,

* I am a non–drinking alcoholic (sober 8 years now!),

* I am fascinated by people and their stories,

* I love Jesus and attend a Lutheran church.

Whew! Glad to get those things out of the way so you know what you’re getting into should you decide to hang around with me.

Shalom and love,