He Remains Faithful

Here’s the good news for today: God’s faithfulness to you is not impacted by your faithfulness to Him. Did you catch that? Let me say it another way: God will never stop being faithful to you no matter what you do.

Take a deep breath in and release the peace that comes with knowing that God is always for you. At no time in your life has God or will God be petty, it’s not His nature. He cannot deny who He is and who He is is a God who loves His people (you and me) so much that He will remain faithful regardless of how badly we may treat Him. Wow. That’s serious love.

Whatever you’re facing today, whatever feelings of confusion or anger at what’s unfolding in your life, know without a doubt that God is remaining faithful to you. He’s over the moon for you and He is present with you.




  1. Thembekile · April 10, 2019

    Amen! I feel so blessed to have come across this post, there’s a reason why you wrote it and why I had to read it. God has spoken, thank you this is beautiful

    • bowmkb1 · April 10, 2019

      Love how God works!!

      • Thembekile · April 10, 2019

        He must come for me this Friday, I’m graduating and all I need is a supernatural favour and grace to get my Degree. I owe the Univeristy and I pray that I see my paper in my hand, I’ve never longed for him like this

      • bowmkb1 · April 10, 2019

        He will remain faithful, it’s His nature. Praying for you!

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