Following Jesus

Following Christ

“Passing alongside the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and Andrew the brother of Simon casting a net into the sea, for they were fisherman. And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” And immediately they left their nets and followed Him.” Mark 1:16-18

Picture this scene a little differently for a moment. What would have been the outcome if Jesus had walked up to Simon (Peter) and his brother Andrew and said something like, “Hey guys, what would you think about leaving everything you know and everyone you know but each other, and walking all across the region with me telling people about heaven and doing miracles like multiplying fish and bread to feed thousands, healing anyone and everyone from physical issues and forgiving the sins of the people we see?” I have no doubt that both Peter and Andrew would have thought Him mad and walked away laughing.

There are times in our lives when knowing the bigger picture would actually hinder us from doing the work and following the call. Peter and Andrew knew that Jesus was special. Historical accounts tell us that they were both followers of John the Baptist so Jesus wasn’t truly a stranger to them. They would have had some context for who Jesus was based on the messages of John. What I love about this scene between Jesus and Peter is that there is no hesitation, just immediate obedience. Peter may have had questions about what they were heading off to do, but scripture is very clear in the original text that he quite literally dropped everything to follow Jesus.

Most of us don’t live with this radical and reckless abandon to the call of God. It would seem completely irresponsible in today’s society, to just take off to follow God. We need to pray about things, ask our close friends for their input, ask our pastors, make sure we understand all that we are stepping into and, there is a sadness in my heart over our lack of immediate obedience today. I believe that God has called many of us to many things that felt too big, too crazy and too far out of our comfort zones and we have said no. This may be anything from saying hi to a stranger to moving across the country to serve people. God is calling us into deeper relationships and greater obedience all of the time, are you hearing Him and following? Are you open to going wherever to serve whomever Jesus would ask, or do you have limits on your obedience? Today, may we start to open our hearts and lives more to the call of Christ.

Is there a call on your life that you have said no to because it is scary? Pray for God to give you courage to say yes.



Originally written and posted for Pursuit Church Live.


  1. Sherrie St. Hilaire · June 3, 2018

    Excellent post, Kellyann! ❤️

    • bowmkb1 · June 3, 2018

      Thanks Sherrie!

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