Just Jesus

Jesus said things that were, and still are, hard to understand and apply to our lives. Luke 9:57-62 gives us three truths that are hard to accept when it comes to following Jesus.

1. No guarantee of a home. In verses 57-58, Jesus discloses that He is homeless and He makes no promise that life with Him will involve a hike you purchase and live in for 30 years. That may be your story with Jesus, there just is no promise made.

2. No burying the dead. There is an urgency to sharing the gospel. In verses 59-60, Jesus answers a request to go bury a father with a resounding no. Jesus instead charges the new potential disciple to not worry about the dead and instead, go share the news about the kingdom of God.

3. No saying goodbye. In verses 61-62, Jesus again declines what seems like a reasonable request, saying goodbye to family, for following Him.

In this passage, what we see is Jesus requiring His followers to put all their faith in Him to meet their needs, both physical and emotional. A disciple of Jesus is someone who is holding their life here on Earth loosely because they are clinging for dear life to Heaven. Their focus has to be the kingdom and only the kingdom. Following Jesus requires radical abandonment of your life.

As I move into a missional life, I’ll admit I’m scared. Don’t get me wrong, I believe fully that everything I have is given to me by God so the reality is, I already live as a missionary. But there is something scary about uprooting my life, leaving everything that is comfortable and heading out across the country fully relying on God to provide every single penny I need to live on. It’s a reckless abandon of earthly security for a relentless love of Jesus. It’s new territory for me, it’s the call Jesus has on my life. No looking back. No staying in safety because other people need me to stay. No worrying about what the future holds. Just Jesus.

Check out the work in NYC at http://www.internationalproject.org. it’s amazing work to help love people and teach people how to live in cross-cultural settings. It’s my heart. I need supporters so if you feel led to partner, donate at http://www.internationalproject.org\give. Choose to support a worker and in the comments put KBOWMAN.




  1. Sherrie St. Hilaire · June 3, 2018

    “It’s a reckless abandon of earthly security for a relentless love of Jesus.” Whoa! This hit the mark. Great exortation, Kellyann!

    • bowmkb1 · June 3, 2018

      Living those words out every day right now!

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