Relentless. The dictionary defines relentless as oppressively constant. That makes me chuckle because I think typically we use relentless in a negative way, and by the definition I see why. Relentless heat. Relentless nagging. When I hear the word or read it, I do an eye roll because it conjures feelings of being bothered to the extreme. Today, God used it as a reminder to stay focused on my dream.

This morning, well actually it started last night, I asked God to speak to me. Hanging on to this dream of moving to New York in July is hard. I need LOTS of things to come together for it to work and honestly, I’ve thought about giving up many times. And each time I do, God sweetly reminds me of all He has done so far and invites me to hang on. This morning as I was painting in my chair when God spoke the word “relentless” into my heart. I said it several times in my head and meditated on it. Then I started painting it into my picture. In a matter of a few minutes, one of the pastor’s I watch online announced the name of his message. Are you ready? Relentless Freedom.

In a space of five minutes, God gave me and confirmed for me the word relentless. In this season, being relentless in pursuing this dream of full-time ministry in NYC is my call. God will make a way where I don’t see one, I know it. I will stay relentless in my pursuit and in my faith. Though I may be reduced to tears of frustration in the process, I will stay strong and immovable.



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