What are you seeking?

The first recorded words of Jesus in the book of John are “What are you seeking?”. I love this question considering they started following Him only because John had told them He was the Son of God. Jesus hadn’t done any miracles yet. He hadn’t preached any messages yet. All Jesus did was walk by and on the word of John only, they started following. I also love this question because to me, it shows that Jesus is interested in a relationship with these new followers. Being God, He would already know all about them and what they needed, but this question opened the door to seeing if they understood what they needed.

What are you seeking from Jesus? Peace? Love? Stability? Acceptance? There is no wrong answer to this question, we all come to Jesus seeking different things to meet our needs. Most of us, I would have to imagine, have a LIST of things we need and are hoping that Jesus can provide. Are you able to be honest with God on what you need? Do you even actually know for sure yourself? 

I would like to extend the invitation to you all to ask yourself what you’re seeking from God in this season of your life. God is in love with you and is so interested in transforming you, that I believe He’s continually asking you to seek Him more. You have to be prepared for an answer you didn’t expect so get ready! Seeking God is a lifelong endeavor and the more you seek to remove barriers between you and God, the more you are pushed outside of your comfort zone. Grow in your faith and press in to new spaces that God will lead you. 

What are you seeking?



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