A Name

Jesus. What a name that is…Jesus! In that name we find perfect peace, healing, redemption, unconditional love and quite honestly, everything we’ve ever been looking for in life. Jesus is the beginning and the end, and all points in between.

Sometimes, though, the points in between get us tangled and twisted up inside. We look in the mirror and we see and speak names like fat, ugly, failure, suicidal, unstable, unremarkable, and so many other names that we give ourselves. For me, my name means warrior and grace and I’ll admit, I rarely speak those names over myself. More often than not, I speak words like fearful, damaged and broken. What words do you speak over yourself when you look in the mirror?

There is a name greater, higher and more powerful than ALL the names in the world! A name that when called upon, crushes every other name out there. Jesus! Philippians 2:9-11 says:

“Therefore God has highly exalted him (Jesus) and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

The name of Jesus is above all the names you give yourself, but you have to speak that out. You have to enter into your names, enter into your trauma, and speak Jesus over it all. This isn’t a one-time act, it’s a commitment to transformation and it takes time. The names you have given yourself that carry pain, carry that pain for a reason. Jesus is bigger than your pain. Jesus is the healer of your wounds. Jesus is the lover of your soul. Jesus looks at you and fully sees all of the names you have declared and says “I love you. I died for you. I am for you. I am Jesus.”

I know it’s scary to enter your dark names. It’s terrifying because those names, while painful, are familiar. I know better how to operate in trauma than health. However, the more I speak Jesus over my names made in the dark, the more the light of Christ shines into the corners of my heart and the more healing I receive. When God says that there is no more condemnation for those who are in and claiming the name of Jesus (Romans 8:1), He means it! God doesn’t see you as a failure, no matter what you have done. God sees you as His beloved child. That’s a hard truth to accept because the power of the names you have named yourself feels so heavy. Speak Jesus.

Speaking Jesus as the name above all your other names will feel weird and clunky. You may be reading this thinking “How on earth do I start doing this??” Pray. Ask God to show you how to speak Jesus over all of the other names. Just simply speak out loud “Jesus”. This isn’t about a perfect prayer, there is no such thing. Jesus will take whatever you can give Him and He’ll move into that space to shine His light of love. This is about your heart, not eloquent words.

Jesus IS the name that brings healing and freedom. His name is above every name you’ve given yourself. His name is the only way to break the chains that keep you tied to the darkness. I’m praying for everyone reading this, that you speak Jesus over your life.

If you want me a prayer partner in this journey you are on, leave a message here and I will pray with you.




  1. Sherrie St. Hilaire · March 9, 2018

    I love His precious and powerful name! A sweet post, Kellyann. You have a special way of communicating that touches me. Hugs!

    • bowmkb1 · March 10, 2018

      Thanks Sherrie!

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