Living Like Christ-Represent

Have you ever heard the saying, “You’re the only Jesus some people will ever see”, or something close to that message? Do you believe it? I think it’s really easy for us to feel unimportant and lose sight of our value to the Kindgdom because the world is so big and we are so small. I mean in all seriousness, as of a 2016 count, there were 7.4 BILLION people in the world! We had 323 million people here in the United States and in my home state, there were 7 million counted in 2016. In my home time alone we currently have around 88,000 people so it’s no wonder we feel small. 

Small doesn’t mean insignificant. One of my favorite pastors and authors, Corey Russell, has a saying that gets my choked up every time I hear it, “Small hinges move big doors.” Go look at a door, the size of the hinges compared to the size of door is astounding when you think about the fact that without the hinge, the door won’t open. We are all small hinges on the big doors of the world around us, our immediate communities. We are the ones, as followers of Jesus, who represent Him in all that we do. And here’s the deal, even if you aren’t talking about Him directly, you are representing Him. You are either representing His importance in your life, or you are representing that you don’t think you need Him. How are you representing?

I never want it to be a secret that I follow Jesus. Sometimes that stops me from having influence in a particular moment because lots of people have negativity towards God and towards Christians. We have a tendency to think, and act, like Christians are above bad choices and that simply isn’t true. So, when someone who is known as a Christian makes a public mistake, they rock the boat in a negative way for all of us. That’s just a side effect of human nature and right or wrong, statistics show we have an easier time judging someone in a negative light than giving grace. The best thing we can do is live as authentically as possible and show the love of Jesus at all times. This is a choice, a habit and a level of self-control that places priority on Jesus and not us.

Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. Colossians 3:17

Paul isn’t telling us what to do here, he’s telling us how. No matter what your are doing or saying, you are representing how you see Jesus in your life. Our lives are a continual flow of worship and praise, inviting people to see Jesus! Our lives are prayers of thanksgiving for all that God has done! Even in the hard times, you can shine Jesus. Remember that the night before He was taken into custody, Jesus had a raw and honest moment with His Father where He asked to be removed from the pain of the next day. Was He still 100% Jesus in that moment? Yes! Was He being raw and honest with God? Yes! Did God do something amazing? YES!!! 

Life isn’t always great, so don’t pretend it is because that’s not honest. Sometimes life just flat out sucks. And in those moments, with the people God has placed in your life, share Jesus. Share the emotions of the moment and the faith you are trying to have so that people see you represent Jesus as real. Give thanks for everyone word and deed that allows you to shine Jesus, no matter how hard or how easy. In this big world, you really and truly are the only Jesus some people will every see up close so represent well. Be human, be authentic and be you.




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