Jesus Knows You

Do you ever wonder if Jesus really knows you? Like knows all about you, all you’ve done, all you think and all those “hidden” places you keep locked up tight? Did He know you from the start or does He get to know you over time? I think, based on scripture, God shows us time and time again that He knows us inside at out immediately.

Take a look at the first encounter between Jesus and Peter. 

John 1:42 He (Andrew) brought him (Simon) to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, “You are Simon the son of John. You shall be called Cephas (meaning rock).”

Jesus merely looked at Peter and knew both his history and his future. He knew his family of origin, that he was the son of John. This is a really familiar reference which leads me to believe that Jesus knew about the family dynamics and details of Simon’s upbringing. Jesus then goes on to give Simon a new name, Cephas, also known as Peter. Jesus knew that He would go on to build His Church through Peter, the rock (Matthew 16:18). In one moment, the first  meeting, Jesus identifies his past and his future.

I believe Jesus does that for all of us. When we meet Jesus for the first time, He already knows our past and, He already knows our future. I’m positive Peter was as impulsive before he became a disciple as he was after he became a disciple. That only makes sense. Jesus, knowing that Peter walked through life led by his heart and not so much by his brain, chose him to build a holy Church. I’m certain Peter was a bit perplexed by this first encounter and isn’t that true for most of us? The first time we meet Jesus and have a real encounter with Him, many find themselves feeling a bit bewildered. It’s hard to fathom the deep love of someone who knows your faults and chooses you regardless. 

This week is a big week for me because it is my anniversary of turning my whole life over to Jesus 6 years ago on November 10th. I became a believer in Jesus as a kid, I became a follower of Jesus 6 years ago. I came to Jesus in a heap of anger, pain and addiction and He looked at me, knew my history and loved me. He gave me a new name: beloved. I didn’t do anything to deserve His love and isn’t that just the thing that makes His love so incredibly powerful? In a moment, and I do mean a moment, Jesus removed years of guilt and shame and led me out of an abusive relationship and addiction. Like Peter, He started to build His Church in my heart and life and I’ve never looked back.

It’s hard to trust God. Life’s challenges mixed with the enemies voice equals doubt. Doubt that God is loving. Doubt that God cares. Doubt that He is even paying attention! I promise, He is loving, caring and not only paying attention, He is walking with you even when you think you aren’t walking with Him. This week, I’ll be sharing different pieces of my story and how God has changed me. On Friday, I’ll share what happened six years ago. I hope through all of it you find God worth the risk of faith and hope.




  1. Michael Israel · May 20, 2018

    Thank you. Very encouraging! It’s truly amazing that Jesus knows every single thing about me and still chooses to love me! He is faithful and TOTALLY WORTHY! Praise the Lord!

    • bowmkb1 · May 20, 2018

      Yes!! Amen!!

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