Time for Something New

It’s time to hit reset. Time to allow God to stir and make pathways and rivers so that dreams may flourish. Today I’m declaring reset and speaking “new” over my life and my dreams.

Here’s the deal, I work hard when I know for certain what the outcome will be, when I’m in my comfort zone. When things get uncomfortable or uncertain, my response is to freeze up and sit down. I think of all of the amazing possibilities if I did what I need to do and then, I keep sitting because possibilities of success also have possibilities of failure. If I get lazy, if I don’t move into the direction of my dreams, I can’t really try and fail. I fail in secret because I never try. This is a rut devised by darkness and today is the day of Light!

I’ve been reading through old journals this weekend. I’ve been dreaming and praying about being a full time author and speaker for 5 years. FIVE YEARS!! I am nowhere near where I need to be and now I find myself in the wilderness and desert needing God to provide and path and a river. These dreams are from God, I’m as sure of it as I am sure of my name. God isn’t going to just hand these dreams to me without my engagement. I’ve been living in this space of comfort and “someday” and I am not being a good steward of the gifts God has given me. 

How about you? Are you trusting God and working to make your dreams reality? Or, are you sitting on the side and waiting. Waiting for a someday that will never come and yet, is always here because today is the someday. God plants dreams and abilities in our hearts and minds and they are gifts, gifts we need to use and enjoy! When we don’t, it’s like receiving a beautifully wrapped package and never opening it. What a waste.

Will you join me? Will you allow God to do something new, clear a way, bring a river and move through you? It’s scary, I’m terrified! I might fail and, I might not. And honestly, with God on my side my failure is not moving forward. With that in mind, I can only succeed now!!

What’s the dream you’ve been too scared to step into? Let’s partner and pray and move together.



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