He knows 

I had an opportunity recently to be around a few hundred women at a conference. Two themes stood out: people feel stuck and people don’t feel like they know how to pray. I’ll address feeling stuck another time, today I want to talk about prayer.

Overall, great preachers and televangelists have done the “average” person a great disservice by speaking lofty prayers. You know the prayers I’m talking about, lots of “Oh Heavenly Father God”spoken with an orator’s tone that could be heard from one end of the country to the other. Big words, big sentiments, big requests and while those move us to tears, they set us up for a disappointing personal prayer life. Somewhere along the line we decided that’s what prayer should be like and it sets a really high bar that quite honestly, isn’t realistic.

There is a secret to prayer and if you can capture it fully, it will transform your prayer life. Are you ready for it? He knows. Jesus already knows your heart, what you need and what you want. There are no lofty words required, as a matter of fact, there are no words required at all! He know you, lives with you, walks with you, is crazy about you, seeks to bring you abundant joy…He knows. 

I love the passage in John 16 where He has just dropped a bomb on His friends and they are confused. They are talking amongst themselves trying to figure out what He meant and something is stopping them from asking Jesus. He knows they are confused and instead of waiting for them to ask Him, speak the perfect words,  He reaches into their confusion and brings clarity. He didn’t wait for them to pray a lofty prayer or the “right” prayer, He just answered. 

Prayer is about relationship. Prayer is about moving into a moment with Jesus where you seek to spend time with the One who knows you best. Prayer is both talking and being silent. He knows, so you don’t need to worry about how you are phrasing things. He knows.



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