Victory is in Community

Victory is in community. Israel is fighting Amalek and as long as Moses had his arms in the air, Israel was winning. When Moses put his arms down, Israel started losing. Moses had two close companions, Aaron and Hur, who could see the struggle Moses was having keeping his arms up. So they put stones around to help them balance and they held Moses’ hands up. Because they came together in community, supporting Moses, Israel prevailed. 

I’m in a battle right now. I’m fighting against beliefs that say I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy and God doesn’t love me as much as He loves everyone else. I’m having to reach back into my story and speak against darkness that planted these words. I’m having to rely on what I know of God and His words, not what I feel. My initial reaction is to pull away, get alone and not sulk, but fight alone. This isn’t the way of God. 

God has built you and I for relationship. Relationship with Him and relationship with others. When I pull away, I am agreeing with darkness. I am agreeing that I don’t hold enough value to have anyone be in commmunity with me. My arms drop and I start to lose. Here’s why I won’t allow that any longer…Jesus. Jesus is the hero of my story and He has brought me into my specific community of close friends for a reason! This community is meant to hold each other up. It’s what we do. I love holding up my tribe and I have to start agreeing with heaven that they also love holding me up. That’s community!

Praise Jesus I reached out. Praise Jesus that I have close friends who have propped up my arms and are holding up my hands in prayer and love. I’m not going to lose this battle because I’m not going to fight it alone. Through prayer and words, my friends and I are coming into agreement with heaven, asking God to give stength, believing for God to give victory. Just like Jacob when he wrestled with the angel, I’m not letting go until God blesses me. 

I’m so thankful for my God and I’m so thankful for His provision…victory is in community. 



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