Come and See

Come and see. What a lovely and terrifying invitation!! The person presenting the invitation knows something you don’t, and they want you to see it. They don’t want to tell you about because they know their words won’t be enough, you have to experience it. 

Come and see: suffering. In John 11:34, Jesus and His friends are in pain because Lazarus has died. Jesus travels to the home of his now deceased friend and wants to go deeper into the moment, He needs to be where the body has been laid. The people lead him to the tomb and suffering with the invitation…come and see.

Come and see: intimacy. In John 1:39, Jesus has crossed paths with His cousin, John. John has abdicated leadership to Jesus and people who once followed John, now follow Jesus. They want more, they want to be closer so they ask where He is staying. Jesus extends the invitation to intimacy…come and see.

Come and see: repentance. In John 4:29, a Samaritan woman, an outcast, has just encountered Jesus in a way like none other. He has told her the truth about her life and she has  had no other response but repentance. She runs back home full of the mystery of Christ and can’t contain her heart. She extends the invitation to meet Jesus and experience repentance…come and see.

Come and see: resurrection. In Matthew 28:6, Jesus has been dead for a couple days and the women who followed Him are coming to the tomb. They are greated by a rolled away stone and an angel proclaiming that Jesus is now alive! They have to see this for themselves. The angel invites the women into resurrection…come and see.

Where is God inviting you to come and see? This is a personal and ongoing invitation because it is a catalyst to transformation. No one is the same after they accept the invitation to come and see. I said in the beginning that this invitation is both lovely and terrifying and here’s what I mean. It’s lovely because the desire of the invitation is deeper relationship. It is terrifying because transformation is never easy and it always requires more faith than we think we can muster.

Accept the invitation to come and see all that God has planned for your life. ♡



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