Belief Unchained


“If you will not believe, you surely will not last.”-Isaiah 7:9b

I’ve been alive for almost half a century and I’m coming to believe one central truth about life on this planet: If you don’t believe in God, you will not last. Life gets hard and the journey gets long, if you don’t believe that God does indeed have a plan, He does absolutely love you unconditionally and that it is never going to happen that He leaves you, you won’t last the journey.

We all walk through valleys of darkness when just getting up and out of bed feels like climbing Mt.Everest and it’s during those times when our faith is tested and grown. The challenge is to stay faithful to God and keep believing. When everything around you looks and feels like a huge disaster, keep believing. When the people around you question your ability to hear God but you are positive you are following Him, keep believing.

Nothing about God makes earthly sense so why should your life be any different? I mean let’s just be honest, the God of the bible, the God who created us, the God we serve doesn’t really count it important if it makes sense, He counts it important to believe. Did it make sense for Abraham to be asked to sacrifice Isaac? NO. Did it make sense for Moses who wasn’t an eloquent speaker to lead the Isrealites out of Egypt? NO. Did it make sense for David to slay a giant with a sling and rock? NO. Did it make sense for God to take on human form, come to earth and die a horrible death just so that we can have a relationship with Him? NO.

Hear me, God wants you to last. You are only able to do that when you believe He is faithful, loving, compassionate and in control. Don’t give up, unchain your belief and follow God well.

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