Book Update!!

It’s here! It’s out! It’s available to order!!

What an amazing week it’s been as my devotional book, Reliant, launched this past Wednesday. God’s hand through this has been so visible. I’m so blessed and humbled that He chooses to use me. If you would like to get a copy, you can either order it through Amazon or go to and just search my name or the title. Thanks!!

Live in God’s love, grace, peace and mercy.
KA 🙂


Prayer for All

“First of all I urge that supplications, prayer, intercessions, and thanksgiving be made for all people.” 1 Timothy 2;1

Sometimes God’s Word is a little grey and sometimes it is flat out black-and-white. This verse leaves no room for opinion, ALL PEOPLE need prayer, intercession and to be appreciated. Not just the people who always obey the law. Not just the people who don’t live on the streets. Not just the people who aren’t begging for money. ALL PEOPLE. God is able to save all people and we must approach everyone as a life that was created in the image of God, by God and for His purpose and glory. No one is beyond His reach and no one is better than another.

In Hebrews 7:25 we see a verse that says, “he is able to save to the uttermost”. The uttermost! The farthest corners of the outermost places, God saves. If God is saving to the uttermost, then we need to be praying to the uttermost. When you walk down the street and feel annoyed by the person getting in your way and asking for money…pray for him/her. When you are walking through the mall and you see a group of teenagers being loud and a little obnoxious…pray for them. When you read a news story of someone who has done something absolutely horrible to another person…pray for them. You are urged to pray for these people because we all need God. These people are not excluded from God’s love and salvation.

Next time someone does something that makes you cringe or feel disgusted, pray for them. Thank God because you know that He has a purpose for their life and ask God to shine. This won’t be easy but it will be valuable for your heart towards humanity.

Walk in the love, grace, peace and mercy of God.

KA 🙂

Steadfast Love Endures Forever

“..his steadfast love endures forever,” Psalm 100:5

Have you ever looked up the definitions of steadfast and endures? I hadn’t before this morning and I’m sorry about that because these two words shine the light on God’s character in amazing ways. Here are a few words used to define steadfast: unwavering, firmly fixed, immovable. To endure means to remain firm even under suffering without giving up. So think about that for a moment, over and over and over again in scripture God’s love is described as steadfast and enduring forever. His love for you and me is unwavering, firmly fixed and immovable even when there is suffering involved. When we doubt God’s goodness, His love is steadfast. When we question God’s motives, His love is steadfast. When we get angry and turn away from God, His love is steadfast. When we flat out deny God, His love is steadfast. When we do the exact opposite of what God wants, His love is steadfast.

No matter what you’ve done wrong, no matter what you didn’t do that you should have, no matter anything you do at all ever…God’s love is steadfast and endures forever. His love suffers forever through any condition just so that He can have a relationship with you and me. I’m praying that we all fully grasp and swallow the magnitude of God’s love because there is a freedom in it that we all need.

Unwavering. Firmly fixed. Immovable. Forever. God’s never going to let go of you and He’s never going to stop loving you. Stop living in shame and fear and live in this amazing love of our amazing God.