Healthy Brownies!!??

That’s right, I said HEALTHY BROWNIES! As I was walking through a street fair over the weekend, I stumbled upon a company that makes various bakery products that are free of gluten, dairy, soy and egg but NOT free of flavor! I tried their Salted Caramel Brownie and was in heaven. I also tried a really yummy sourdough bread. Amazing! The company is called Fancy Free bakery and their web address is You can also purchase their product at Savrika Tea in Kirkland, WA. I’ll definitely be ordering from these folks in the future!

Other than that brownies, my other food-related comment is that I have found that some days I’m not eating enough and man does that make me feel bleh! I’ve started keeping a food journal and one day last week I as eating throughout the morning about one piece of fruit every 90 minutes and then I went for a little over two hours without eating and I felt sick. So, I’ve got to be sure I’ve got an apple on me or something that I can eat in between my actual meals. Crazy, never thought I would have the problem of not eating enough!!

As far as the biking goal, I haven’t made any real progress other than I am walking more just trying to get my body moving and muscles building. I’m walking 3 days a week right now for about 30 minutes and will be building that up here in the next week. I’m not sure I can add more time right now so I’m going for adding more days. I need to venture up to the little fitness room we have here in my apartment complex and see what it’s like. If it’s not that great, which is what I’m imagining, I may need to join a gym. Oh, and actually USE the membership! 😀

Praising God all the way through these goals! Only through Him will I be able to make any of them happen. I’ve decided that they all take will power but not the kind I’ve been used to in the past, not just relying on me. My WILL and His POWER are the way to success!! Are you working on any goals right now? Share them with me and let’s work through them together!!

Live in God’s love, grace, peace and mercy.

KA 🙂

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