Scales and Other Stuff


I dislike the scale immensely!! (I try not to use the word “hate” but I’m coming close to using it!) I don’t know about you but I can have a week where I feel like I’ve deprived myself of every single thing I wanted to eat and know I shouldn’t and yet the scale barely moves. Grrrr! So, in order to keep my spirit up, I’ve decided I’m only going to weigh myself once a month. My spirit needs a bigger bang for the buck and I need to see more impact.

Do you know people who weight themselves daily? I’ve heard of this torture and have occasionally fallen into the siren’s trap of daily weighing and have found that it nearly crushes me against the rocks of despair. I recall reading an article once where a woman said that weighing herself daily helped keep her on track. Um, I don’t know what kind of track she’s on, but weighing myself daily would put me on the track to a large bag of potato chips and a 6-pack of pop with a candy bar on the side. No thanks!

Part of the desire of documenting the next 12-months and my goals is to encourage us all to live differently. Sisters, we must stop feeling shame about our weight. God isn’t looking down on us pointing His finger saying, “You know Kellyann, I would love you more if you weighed 140 pounds.” God loves us no matter what we weigh and yet I think He wants us in healthier weights in order to live healthier lives. If food has become your source of comfort or your place of peace, I challenge you to turn to God instead.

We have to stop judging ourselves and each other and start turning to God. I am convinced that what will happen once we look up to God instead of down to the scale is that we’ll love ourselves and each other more. 🙂 We’ll be able to share with each other our challenges and our success, our sadness and our joy…our lives. (ps….this all also applies to my sisters who face the other side of the food challenge: not eating enough. Being underweight and undernourished is just as much a health risk as being overweight. This issue here is about being healthy and looking to God for comfort and love.)

Other Stuff

Bikes are crazy complex and expensive! I went into the bike shop last week feeling like I could just stroll in and say, “Hey, I want to ride in the STP next year!”, and the sales guy would hook me up for $500 bucks and I’d walk out a happy camper. WOW! That is so not what happened. After a 20 minute conversation on the 3 variations of bike that I should choose from, we started talking about being fitted for the bike, the helmet the seat; when and why to use fenders; which handle bars are the most comfortable. To say I was glassy-eyed and overwhelmed would be an understatement. Not to mention that he said it’s going to cost me more like $2500 bucks to get fully set up! YIKES!

Ok, so once I stumbled out to my car and breathed for a moment I fired off a text message to a friend of mine who is a bike rider and confirmed that yes, I would most definitely be needing her help in this purchase. My picture of going to K-Mart and just buying any bike that was the color I liked was clearly misguided. So, I’ll start of slow, purchase a used bike and good equipment and work my way up to the bike I will need for the STP next year.

Do you remember your first bike? Boy I sure do! I was in the 3rd grade and it was a 3-speed. (That’s right, I said 3-speed. That’s just how I roll!) It was beige with brown and red racing strips and it rocked. My grandparents sent me money to buy a bike so I got to pick this awesome cruiser out. At the time we were living in Beaverton, OR. There was a little park not far away where I could ride around this paved path. I remember there was a hill that felt HUGE, though I’m sure that if I look at it now I would realize it was actually a speed bump. (I am always sad to see how little things actually are when my memory from childhood is bigger.)

Ok, that’s my update for last week. Thanks for journeying with me!!

Heavenly Father, bless my friends reading this blog. Encourage them to turn to You and not food or starvation. Remind us all that we need to feel fully confident that you love us no matter what our bodies look like. Help us join together in a supportive family and not judge each other or ourselves. Help us make the right choices to live healthier lives. Help us start a revolution where we live fully in Your love with each other in complete support. We love you, Amen.

Live in God’s love, grace, peace and mercy my friends!! As always, if you need a prayer partner please email me at

Love you,

KA 🙂


  1. Barbara · August 6, 2013

    I am someone who uses the scale almost daily. Over the course of 12-18 months I lost 20 pounds. Okay, some days it is 20 and some days it is only 19. Anyway, it helped keep me on task. I knew there would be ups and downs on the scale and that was okay as long as it gradually made its way down. I did it mainly for health reasons. Being on two different BP medicines was not my desire and I figured this was a good start to getting off the drugs. As for bikes, I totally understand.

    • bowmkb1 · August 6, 2013

      Well that totally makes sense on why you would hop on the scale daily!

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