Journey 1314

Wow…it’s been a while since I wrote in my blog! So when I started this blog, the sole purpose was for it to be a devotional blog. All of the entries started with a verse and then my life’s application of that verse or how God spoke to me through that verse. I love writing devotionals because my heart is to encourage people to turn their full faces toward God. Devotionals help me do that and I hope the encourage you to do that as well.

July was a great month for me. I took off from some of my ministry work and rested in Christ. I practiced the art of being instead of doing. It was a lovely time of rest and I fell more in love with Jesus. During this time, God really spoke to my heart that His call on my life is to encourage people and to make my life an example of an inextricably reliant relationship with Him. To that end, I’m changing the blog a little.

Starting today, I’m going to add to the blog my journey through the next 12-months and I’m calling it “Journey 1314”. I have set some lofty goals for the next 12 months and I want to share how God is moving me through these goals and causing my to change and grow. These goals will only be accomplished by God moving through my life and my circumstances to bring me to His success. My heart’s desire in this endeavor, and the reason for documenting everything, is to give Him the glory and encourage you to live inextricably reliant on Jesus.

Here’s the plan: I’m going to list out the goals and then each Monday, at the minimum, I’m going to update you on my progress. I’m also still going to do devotional entries so I’ll start using tags for easy following. If the entry is about Journey 1314, then it will be categorized that way. If it’s a devotional entry, then it’ll be categorized as such. (I think you get the picture!)

So, without further ado…..JOURNEY 1314:THE GOALS!

Goal 1: Vegetarian Eating

For the last 10 days of July, I chose to do a fast that’s called “The Daniels’ Fast”. Based on the book of Daniel, it is primarily eating only plant-based foods and drinking only water. In a nutshell, it’s a raw vegan diet. I have LOVED it! I feel so great it’s crazy. So, I’m planning to modify a little but still basically stay vegetarian. Actually, I’ve renamed it “Veganatarian” because my diet will really be a hybrid of the two. One awesome help I have found for this endeavor is the website, This site has awesome recipes and also has a service where they will send you weekly menu ideas, shopping lists and recipes! It’s fantastic!!! Of course my biggest help in this will be God because He’ll need to help keep my car from pulling through the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Goal 2: Lose 50 pounds

So, I’m going to break a HUGE female rule right now…you ready? You sitting down? I weigh 262 pounds. (Whew…transparency is awesome!! And scary!! YIKES! Did I really just put my weight on the internet?) Of course, we as women try to hide our weight all the time. We either want you to think we weigh less or we want you to think we weight more. As Americans we have this preoccupation with our weight and so by sharing mine, I’m hoping we can start tearing down some of the silly little “laws” we put up, like not telling anyone our actual weight. It’s a number ladies, it’s not the value of your worth! 😀

Anyways, coming off the soap box now, I need to lose more like 100 pounds or more but I’m just starting with this 50 pound goal. With the better eating, LOADS and LOADS of prayer, and more activity, this goal is easily attainable.

Goal 3: Ride in the Seattle-to-Portland

Every year, hundreds of bicyclists ride from Seattle to Portland. It’s kind of crazy and kind of awesome and I want to be part of it next. Now for me, the crazy part is that I don’t own a bike right now and the last time I rode one was um……..not sure. This is a definite stretch goal and success isn’t based on speed. I will be successful if I show up and start! I have no preconceived desire for any length of time it will take me to get there and I don’t care if I’m last. I just want to get in the mix and show myself that while I feel like a lump, I can actually be athletic. Again, this one is going to take LOADS and LOADS of prayer and support.

Goal 4: Get “Reliant” devotional published

I’ve been working on a devotional book based on my blog and right now have the manuscript out for editing. I’m very, very excited about this project and very much aware that this endeavor is ALL God. His words working in my life spurred the blog and I’m praying will flow out beautifully in book form and encourage others. My prayer through this editing process has been, “God, these are your words, not mine. Please don’t let my heart feel hurt at other’s input because it’s Your book.” As I move from editing to seeking publishing, that will continue to be my prayer. My hope is that I can start to “shop” the book by the fall but since this is my first book, I have no idea if that is realistic so I’m keeping it a Jell-O timeframe.

Goal 5: Speak to Women

God has blessed me with a natural storytelling personality with humor. I don’t say that in any amount of arrogance. I know I’m funny and yet I know I’m not the funniest person out there so I don’t have any pride about it. I know I love to talk to people and reach out and I know that I want to bless women (and probably a few boys along the way). People are hurting.  I was hurting, and through Christ and Christ alone I have been set free and I want to share that as loudly as I possibly can. My heart’s desire is to speak in front of women and shine God’s light into their lives and help them draw closer to Him.

As you can see, it’s going to be a busy and exciting Journey 1314!! I’m excited to be sharing this journey with you and pray you see God’s hand in my life as clearly as I do. I welcome comments and covet prayers. My prayer for you is that something I write spurs you to draw closer God and see what He wants to do in your life.  JOURNEY 1314…here we come! 😀

One comment

  1. Gloria Califf · August 2, 2013

    KA, You will do great, I just know it. With all the accountability and prayer, this will be a year like no other. I’m so proud of you!! And God will enable you to carry it out.

    Love in Jesus,

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