Love. Grace. Peace. Mercy. (June 2012)

Love.  Grace. Peace. Mercy. Say these four words in your head a few times. Love. Grace. Peace. Mercy.

I live every day in love, grace, peace and mercy. These four words float through my brain and my prayers so much that I’ve come to believe they are part of my dna. I can’t imagine my life without love, grace, peace and mercy. And not just those for aspects as random, but those four aspects as gifts from God. Everyday I know God loves me, I see it is the people around me and I see it in my daughter. I feel God’s grace every time I make a mistake and He picks me up and says, “You are my daughter, keep going, I love you.” I feel God’s peace whenever I have turmoil in my head and heart and I cry out for it to stop and I feel His peace wash over me like warm water. I feel God’s mercy every day I get up knowing that my sins should have me in the depths of life yet His mercy has saved me from the punishment I deserve.

What I am finding more fascinating about these four words is that they are circular and collaborative together. God loves me and because He loves me He extends to me grace (unmerited favor) which allows me to feel His peace in my life and accept His gift of mercy. Wow! The God of the universe, the Creator, the Supreme Being and God of gods wants me to know He loves me, He provides grace for me, He bestows peace on me, and He gives mercy to me. Once I got a grip on that, how could my response to Him be anything but thank you…take my life!

Love: Lamentations 3:22a “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.”  Do you live as if you truly believe this? Do you get that this is saying that not only is God’s love steadfast, or unwavering, it is FOREVER! We have a God that loves us through ANYTHING and FOREVER! Even if you don’t get the grace, peace and mercy, get this point because it is critical.

Grace: John 1:16 “And from His fullness we have received grace upon grace.” We didn’t just receive grace once, we receive it over and over and over and over. Grace upon grace! Heaps of grace. More grace than we can ever use up. Unmerited favor that is unending.

Peace. John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.” The peace of Jesus. This is the man who fell asleep in the boat while a huge storm was raging and his disciples were completely freaked out and certain they were going to die. I want this peace, don’t you? This is peace that says to the storm, it’s good, you can stop now.

Mercy: Lamentations 3:22b “his mercies never come to an end.” The next verse goes on to say that they are new every single morning we wake up. Just as we receive grace heaped upon itself, we also receive mercy that never stops coming. Once we accept Jesus as the Lord of our lives, we never receive the punishment we deserve. Unending mercy.

May God’s love, grace, peace and mercy be overflowing in your life today. 🙂

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