Bless the Lord (June 2012)

I had a roller coaster day yesterday. And really, as I type the word “roller coaster” I realize that isn’t actually accurate. I started the day on a steep downward track and kept that downward momentum until noonish and then I started my ascent up. And my downward track was turned around by one simple act: I asked a friend to pray for me. I have this extremely bad tendency to go it alone. When I’m down or beating myself up or listening to Satan’s lies, I go into this mode of inward focus and that’s just a bad place for me to be. Once I asked a friend to pray for me yesterday, God rained down so much love on me my tears of sadness and pain immediately turned to tears of joy! All of the sudden God was speaking to me from many different sides and telling me how much He loves me. I’m sure, because I think He has a sense of humor, each “I love you” was followed by “duh”.  I had been praying all morning but on my own it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t turning to God’s word, I was just firing off these “help me” prayers, which are good to do, but I wasn’t actually turning to God. It was like I was standing in the mud with my hands down at my sides sinking further and further down and screaming, “HELP ME!” yet I wasn’t reaching for the branches hanging above my head. I wasn’t striving to get out of the mud that would eventually draw me under. My branches, God’s word and the people he had placed in my life, can’t always come to me I have to go to them. I’m a slow learner on this but the value of the slow learning for me is that I’m learning to see and hear God at work. As soon as I lifted my hands yesterday to reach for a branch, I stopped sinking. As soon as I reached out to my friend to pray for me, I stopped sinking. As soon as I opened God’s word, I started lifing. By the time the day ended I had shared time with another believer at work and spent time in the evening talking about how much God means to me. I started the day in tears of frustration, sadness, and pain. I ended the day with tears of joy at the telling of the remarkable love of God.

I woke up this morning and my only goal was to pray a Psalm of thanksgiving. So I did a Google search like any good person of my generation and was lead to one that so deeply touch me this morning I want to share it with you. It’s Psalm 103 and this is the way I prayed it.

Bless You Lord, O my soul, and every part of me bless Your holy name. Bless You Lord, O my soul, don’t let me forget all that You have done and do and will do for me. Thank you for forgiving ALL my sins and making me clean. Thank you for saving me from hell both here on earth and after I’m dead. Thank you for filling my life with Your amazing love and mercy that never go away. Thank you for giving me good things and renewing my spirit. Thank you for being righteous and saving me from oppression. Thank you for speaking to us for all these thousands of years. Thank you for being merciful and gracious. Thank you for not reacting in anger but showing me your amazing love. Thank you that when You do get angry with me, you don’t keep Your anger against me for very long. Thank you that you don’t do to me what I deserve or hold my sin against. Thank you that I can’t reach heaven in this body and that I can’t go outside Your love for me. Thank you for taking my sins so far from me that I can never get to them again. Thank you for a compassionate earthly father who shows me that though he loves me so much, You love me even more. Thank you for knowing me, Kellyann, and all my flaws and the fact that I am really just dust. Thank you that though my days are like grass and flowers that are so temporary Your love goes forever without end. Thank you that everything is under your rule in heaven. Bless You Lord, O my soul, thank you for all the heavenly beings who do Your will, who listen to You and minister for You. Bless You Lord, and all you do for me and that there is no where I can go that You aren’t in control. Bless You Lord, O my soul.

My prayer for you today is that you feel just how much God loves you. He loves you enough to remove your sin, “as far as the east is from the west” (103:12). That’s complete removal since the east and west never meet and go in completely opposing directions. God is not sitting in some big throne piling up all your wrong and waiting to throw lightening bolts at you for sinning. “He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities” (103:10). Thank goodness!! Feel God’s love for you today. Read Psalm 103 and really take in what He is saying to you. Read it like a letter God is writing to you.

If you need prayer or a prayer partner please don’t hestitate to email me at Reach out to the many branches God has put around you to save you from the muck and mire of this life.

Love. Grace. Peace. Mercy.


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